Phantom Asset Recovery

Professional collateral recovery


Your leading team providing fully insured, compliant & certified asset recovery and LPR services in the Miami, Florida area.


Phantom Asset Recovery provides repossession services throughout the Miami, Florida area.

No Cutting Corners

Our facility has multiple security measures in place & we regularly submit to 3rd party inspections for our clients.  We have always passed all inspections and have a solid understanding of everything our clients need.

  • We are a legitimate operation
  • Great focus on education & training
  • Private, secure storage facitlity
  • Only repossession services

Phantom Asset Recovery

We’re here to assist with all your repossession needs in the Ft Lauderdale, Florida area.

  • Involuntary Repossessions
  • Voluntary Repossessions
  • Impound Recoveries
  • Field Visits
  • In-House Skip Tracing
  • Pro Condition Reports
  • Property Inventories
  • Redemption services
  • Transport and Delivery
  • learn more…
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