Collateral Recovery

Phantom Asset Recovery, INC. is a full service repossession company with the tools, knowledge & team needed to provide lawful asset recovery and transport services throughout Southern Florida.

Involuntary Repo
Voluntary Repo
Impound Recovery
Field Visit
Pictures & C.R.
L.P.R. Capable

We don’t stop there…

Detailed Updates

Our clients know exactly what we do on their accounts as we fully document our efforts throughout the entire process.  Diesel is expensive & we make sure our clients know deep-down they are getting the best service available in southern Florida.

Digital Operation

Our team is fully trained and equipped to completely manage all paperwork, updates, communications and many other items digitally for increased flow, security & capabilities while eliminating document loss or having someone’s information fly out the window.

Locksmith Capable

No need to hire an additional locksmith when working with us as we keep the equipment and trained technicians needed to regularly cut / program keys for collateral we successfully rocovered for our clients.  **We do not cut keys for the general public**

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